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innocompany link

The innocompany can be bought here


We have launched Wordpress version of InnoCompany Corporate Theme

Its a bit late posting. This post is to tell you that we have launched wordpress version of InnoCompany theme which is basically a multi-purpose theme for wordpress. It is loaded with features. You can find out more about this corporate wordpress theme here. We sell our themes on themeforest so we are also selling this one too no themeforest. Please go to theme page and look at the long list of features of this theme. You are going to fall in love with it.


Clean n clear free wordpress theme

It’s time to release a new free theme Clean n Clear. Do you know what kind of theme I love? I love clean themes and so I have designed a clean and refreshing theme for Wordpress. Since the new Wordpress 2.5 five has great color scheme in admin area, I have utilized same colors to make the theme look as a part of Wordpress.


D-Deep - A grunge Wordpress theme

Its time to release my first free Wordpress theme. I have designed a theme that gives a feel of sober blog by choosing serious colors and giving a little grunge looks. Enjoy downloading and using this theme.

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