Date Published: 28 Jan 2010

Crusti - Drupal Theme [unmaintained]

It's been an incredible journey with Crusti and Drupal, but at last, all good things must come to an end. Regrettably, we must bid farewell to this beloved theme as it is no longer available.
Crusti screenshot.

After a long gap, I am back with a new free theme for Drupal. This theme is designed in a way that will suit most type of websites. The best thing I can tell you about his theme is that it supports color module. Color module is a module that comes with default Drupal distribution. You just need to make sure it is enabled and start setting your color preference by visiting theme configuration page.

One more important thing about this theme is that it can set to fluid width or fixed width. If you set it fixed width, you may also change its width. By default it is set to fluid width.

Block regions:

  • Right Sidebar
  • Sub Right 1
  • Sub Right 2
  • Above Content
  • Under Content
  • Bottom block 1
  • Bottom block 2


Stayed Tune!

New themes are coming soon. So stayed tune.

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