We have launched Wordpress version of InnoCompany Corporate Theme

Its a bit late posting. This post is to tell you that we have launched wordpress version of InnoCompany theme which is basically a multi-purpose theme for wordpress. It is loaded with features. You can find out more about this corporate wordpress theme here. We sell our themes on themeforest so we are also selling this one too no themeforest. Please go to theme page and look at the long list of features of this theme. You are going to fall in love with it.


10 Best premium drupal themes for 2013 that you must know

I have populated a list of premium drupal themes for you today. This list includes our own premium themes at themeforest along with other drupal themes at different websites. I am posting in Ascending order from 1 to 10. Themes themes include corporate, business, news/magazine style and multipurpose themes for drupal. Please feel free to post your opinion and reviews in comment section.



New premium drupal theme Skifi just launched

We have launched our new premium Drupal theme which is a bootstrap Drupal theme. If you are not familiar with Bootstrap, its time to check it out. Its is a powerful HTML and CSS framework by Twitter team. This premium Drupal theme is loaded with lof of features like advanced layerslider 3, bootstrap 2, unlimited colors, portfolio pages and lot more.


We are getting transformed

Worthapost.com is getting transformed. Recently we have temporary discontinued our earlier premium drupal themes(endless news, endless corporate, endless publish, endless mirror). We will decide it later whether to relaunch new verions of these themes or not. But now we have started selling themes with themeForest.net. We have launced our first theme on themeForest which is a corporate drupal theme namely "InnoCompany".

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