InnoCompany Documentation

Thank you for purchasing inCompany theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Compatiblity: Drupal 7.x
Created: 09/30/2012
By: Worthapost


This product is no longer available for purchase! You can still read the documentation to make the most out of the product you once purchased.

Introduction to files

After purchasing Inno Company theme from our website, you will get a download package. Extract the archive somewhere on your hard disk. You will get following folders:

  • theme_with_demo_installation
  • standalone_theme
  • module
  • Psd
  • licensing
  • Documentation


It is Drupal 7 Installation Profile which will install Drupal 7 with Inno Company theme and Demonstration content similar to what is shown in demo. Demonstration content is meant to give users an idea how content is structured. After analyzing these content, you should modify or delete demo content.


This is a Drupal 7 theme only which can be used with your Drupal installation. It is installed in a same way like you install any other Drupal theme i.e. copy it to /sites/all/themes/ and enable it. Further configuration is mentioned later in this document.


This folder contain icompany_module, Views, jcarousel, ctools, features, icompany_config and Token module folder. These are the modules that are needed to use important theme features. You need to enable these modules before enabling the theme. If you setup your theme using installation profile, these modules will be enabled by default.


This folder contains layered photoshop .psd files of the theme.


This folder has legal license files. Please read them if you are not yet familiar with licensing of your purchase.


Obviously this is the one that you have already opened.

Install Standalone

Step by step guide to install theme on your own Drupal Installation


Install Full Demo

Learn how to use install InnoCompany with full installation profile.